Zero Abuse Project (ZAP), the national home base of Child First/Finding Words forensic interviewing, is offering MONTHLY forensic interviewing peer review!

If your forensic interviewers are having difficulty getting their required peer review, this is another option to add to the statewide program and local peer review. 

Here’s the info from ZAP:

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Upcoming Peer Review Session!

Join us Wednesday, October 12th, 2022 from 10am-12pm ET for an opportunity to participate in a live peer review session. Many forensic interviewers have reached out to us because they cannot receive peer review; in response, we will be providing a monthly opportunity for forensic interviewers to join and conduct a forensic interview live with our team members Rachel and Caitie. This will protect the confidentiality of our recorded interviews, but still provide a forum for interviewers to receive review and feedback on their skills. In addition, we will work with interviewees to provide a mentoring process to use going forward.

Participants can join us as observers or as interviewers and will be placed in small groups. If you are interested in participating, please register below no later than October 6th. The Zero Abuse Project team will let you know if you have been selected to participate.

Register Now!
Please share this info with your forensic interviewers and their supervisors!