Finding Words/ChildFirst® New Jersey trains forensic interviewers in Finding Words/ChildFirst®, a child forensic interview protocol recognized and approved by National Children’s Alliance (NCA), which was adopted by the State of New Jersey as the interviewing protocol of choice for all its forensic interviewers. It is designed for investigative teams of law enforcement officers, social workers, prosecutors, child protection attorneys and child forensic interviewers. Students receive training on the Finding Words/ChildFirst® Forensic Interview Protocol, child development, memory and suggestibility, testifying in court, legal issues, and preparing children for court. This training incorporates lecture and discussion, review of electronically recorded interviews, skill-building exercises, and an interview practicum.

Finding Words/ChildFirst® New Jersey utilizes faculty with expertise in conducting forensic interviews and facilitating peer review. Peer review meetings include didactic information, small group sessions in which forensic interviews are reviewed and positive recognition and constructive feedback are provided, and larger group sessions where participants and faculty share additional information.

Training is funded by the Children’s Justice Act (CJA) through the New Jersey Task Force of Child Abuse and Neglect. All sessions are free of charge to each discipline.


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