New victim advocate toolkit supports CAC-military partnerships

Since last Friday was Veterans Day, it’s a good time to think about the needs of military families you might serve.  NCA has created a new victim advocate toolkit to help. 

This Veterans Day, brush up on the skills needed to serve those who serve—and their families. Victim and family advocates play a critical role in engaging military partners in the multidisciplinary team and ensuring military families have full access to Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) services. If your CAC works with personnel at a local military installation, it is important that your victim advocates are aware of key aspects of military culture, the unique needs and strengths of military families, and resources available to them to support their work.


Screenshot of three of the categories of information you can find in the toolkit: military culture training, resources for serving military families, and considerations for safety assessment. This is a screenshot of a small section of the toolkit webpage.


  • Essential trainings
  • Resources for serving military families
  • Resources for families and caregivers
  • Fact sheets
  • Sample forms
  • Templates
  • Other resources to support your work toward strengthening services to military families
It includes external resources from other organizations, National Children’s Alliance (NCA) materials, and samples from your peers at other CACs. Be sure to check out other NCA resources on the CAC-military partnership page as well. And on Veterans Day this Friday, take a minute to think about the families in your community that either have someone in the military now or have had one in the past,


Use the Toolkit

 (if you have any trouble getting into the website, or if you hit a part that is password protected, please let us know and we’ll get you access.)