One more training from NCJTC:

When the Family is Involved: Investigation of
Family Member Abductions and False Allegations
of Child Abduction
August 30, 2023
1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Central
This training is for law enforcement and prosecutors.
Abductions involving family members may be one of two scenarios; a family member abducts the child, or the family member is involved in the death of the child and then falsely reports the child as missing. Compare and contrast specific characteristics of different types of family member involved child abductions. Identify crucial initial steps in a Family Member Abduction which can aid in quick recovery of the child. Delve into the False Report of Child Abduction by a family member. Identifying patterns and response recommendations to assist in discerning a false report, then the investigative steps to thoroughly investigate family members and either focus investigative efforts upon them or eliminate them quickly. Examine several case studies of false reports and identify risk factors that indicate possible false reports.