Montclair State University’s Global Center on Human Trafficking is presenting a panel discussion entitled “We Are More Than Our Stories: Survivor Leadership in the Anti-Trafficking World” 

Thursday, February 2, 2023 
4:15pm – 5:30pm 
The Global Center on Human Trafficking (GCHT) would like to invite you to join us to hear from lived experience professionals and survivor advocates who will share why human trafficking survivors are more than just their stories, and how the community can effectively and ethically engage survivors in anti-trafficking work.

Despite being a foundational part of the anti-trafficking community, survivors have not always been engaged in meaningful, ethical, and sustainable ways, yet survivors are the most knowledgeable people on human trafficking. It is their lived experience that provides a direct lens into the needs of survivors, how trafficking occurs, why, and how to best combat it.

Additional info: We Are More Than Our Stories: Human Trafficking Survivor Leadership in the Anti-Trafficking World – University Calendar – Montclair State University

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