Even though it doesn’t feel like it, you won’t be working at your job forever!
(I know that my co-workers thought I would never leave!)
What happens when you do leave?  Have you given it any thought?  I know many of you think you would have no influence on who your successor will be, but there are certainly strategies you can employ to help assure they pick the right person!New Jersey’s own Tony DeVincenzo, of the Northeast Regional CAC, in his latest podcast episode, address just this topic.

Episode #40: Succession Planning

When you hear succession planning, what comes to mind? Many people will think of a written document that outlines procedures for when there is a transition in leadership.

Having a plan for change and transition is critical to the CAC’s stability and continuity of services for children and families. In this month’s episode, Tony speaks with Southern Regional Children’s Advocacy Center Director Emily Chittenden-Laird who has a broader perspective on succession planning. She shares with us the importance of organizational planning and real-life experiences.

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