Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors (PSB) webinar

Invite team members to join you for a new webinar about youth with problematic sexual behaviors


In a live webinar on November 29, NCA will introduce their new forensic interview guidance document, “Multidisciplinary Team Decision Flow Chart for Addressing Problematic Sexual Behaviors.” CAC staff and MDT members alike are invited to attend. Please share this news with your MDT as well as your staff.

Register now. We’ll examine the overall issue of problematic sexual behaviors with children across the age spectrum, show how the MDT Decision Flow Chart can assist in navigating cases that involve problematic sexual behaviors, address the role that MDTs play in adopting systemic policies and procedures for such cases, and discuss resources needed to serve children with problematic sexual behaviors.

If you are a CAC leader, remember to include MDT members on your center’s NCA Engage staff list so they can access trainings and resources like these.


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