Changes to the NCA Accreditation Standards

As you must already know, New Jersey’s own Tony DeVincenzo of the Northeast Regional CAC (NRCAC) has a podcast, called “NRCAC Team Talk”, which regularly provides great content for the MDT and CAC world. 

The most recent episode talks about the changes to the NCA’s Accreditation Standards, which are due to go into effect in 2023. Tony speaks with Alyson MacKenzie and Alyssa Todd with the NCA Accreditation Department. 

If you are an auditory learner, or just want to hear the dulcet tones of Tony’s voice, here’s your opportunity to learn about to the changes in the standards without having to read.  You can listen in your car, in the shower, at the gym, at grandma’s house (just turn off her hearing aids), or anywhere!

You can listen and subscribe here: 

And there are lots of great episodes available, and more to come.