For your CAC to earn accreditation or reaccreditation, your mental health providers must meet the training requirements in the National Standards of Accreditation for CACs. So what’s the easiest way for clinicians to keep track of their training?

Enter the Mental Health Clinician Self-Assessment, a new checklist from National Children’s Alliance (NCA), that clearly lists what’s expected under the Mental Health Standard. Component by component, clinicians can fill in what trainings they’ve taken and how many hours they’ve accumulated. It even includes a note at the bottom as to what documentation must be kept for accreditation or reaccreditation.

The checklist itself is purely for your own records; it does not have to be turned in to NCA. It’s simply an easy way to keep track of whether all the training components for the standard have been met. The checklist has been added to the list of Other NCA Resources on the Accreditation and Re-accreditation Resources Page. Download your own copy now. (An NCA Engage account is required.) You can also find the checklist by going to the Open Forum Community on NCA Engage and looking at recent posts. We posted about it in the Open Forum so it would be available in the Open Forum Library.

If you have any questions about the self-assessment, contact our Accreditation team at
Download the Self-Assessment HERE (scroll down): NCA Learning: Accreditation And Reaccreditation Resources (