A Message and an FBI Training Opportunity from NCA



As you may recall, we recently forwarded some information about CACs and MDTs signing an MOU with the FBI regarding coordination in FBI cases.


NCA’s Coordinator for FBI and Military Initiatives, Heather Provencher, recently sent a follow-up with information for us to forward to you.


“Many thanks for all of your time and work helping us get the word out about the new MOU.


I’m pleased to share that we’ll have some training opportunities from our FBI partners in the months ahead. Below is the first training, coming up on December 8th, on presenting evidence. We’d appreciate your encouragement of CACs in your state to join us. Please feel free to share info below and reach out with any questions.”





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Technology has impacted how children and adolescents are victimized. Research tells us that the use of technology during victimization can decrease the likelihood of victim disclosure. Reluctant children may need more cues, which may mean utilizing evidence in the forensic interview. On December 8, FBI Supervisory Child/Adolescent Forensic Interviewers Martha Finnegan, LCSW, and Rachel Murdock, LCPC, will provide NCA members and multidisciplinary team (MDT) partners with foundational information and address advanced topics in presenting evidence in the forensic interview, with a focus on preparing CACs to provide forensic interviews in FBI cases.
In the first half of the training, you will receive foundational training on how evidence may be used in a forensic interview and how to present evidence, and gain an understanding of the dynamics of victims of abusive images.
The second half will delve deeper, providing an introduction to advanced topics, including highlighting types of evidence and the use of evidence in more complex cases. Learn the importance of the pre-interview MDT discussion regarding case and evidence availability and how to utilize evidence in more complex cases, such as kidnappings and surreptitious recordings, while attending to the needs of the victim.

If you participate in the live training, you will have the opportunity to join the discussion and ask questions. The webinar will also be recorded and available afterward on NCA Engage. Stay tuned for an announcement about additional opportunities in 2023 to build skills in the area of presenting evidence.


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Don’t forget, every county in NJ is now an NCA member, and you have access to their NCA Engage platform and all the information and trainings there.  If you have any difficulty getting access, please let us know and we’ll get it figured out!