I’ll bet that got your attention!  
The good news is that there’s 10% off through the end of the year!

But there’s a catch – the sale is at TeachABodies, the folks who sell the anatomically detailed dolls that most CACs use for forensic interviews.  Not as good as a big discount on a new Playstation, but if your center needs new dolls, this might be the time!

The end of year sale is here!

10% off for subscribers through December. Offer automatically applied at check out.

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Adult Dolls

Adult Dolls



Adult dolls are 22″ tall.  All dolls come dressed in underwear and clothes.

Adult dolls have features of mature sexual development. Male dolls are designed with a moustache, chest hair, underarm hair, pubic hair and a circumcised penis. A condom is included with all male dolls, unless otherwise specified. Female dolls are assembled with a clitoris, underarm hair, pubic hair, and vaginal opening. The dolls are made out of a polyester knit and stuffed with polyfil which makes them soft and cuddly.

A baby in utero with attached umbilical cord and placenta, a pair of panties with a sanitary napkin, a tampon, and a condom, may also be purchased for an additional fee.

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