It’s not surprising that planning for emergencies is not at the top of everyone’s priority list.  
You know, who knew we were going to have a global pandemic? But wouldn’t it have been better if we were ready?

The Southern Regional CAC has recently released a guide: 
The Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide for CACs: Planning for the Unexpected
During an emergency, whether natural or human-made, the mission of a children’s advocacy center (CAC) is critical to the well-being of the community. However, emergencies can disrupt business operations, making the ability to carry out the services of the CAC especially challenging. This is why preparedness matters—weathering storms, literally and figuratively, is consistent with the heart of the CAC mission: to restore hope, justice, and healing where they may have been lost.

The Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide for CACs: Planning for the Unexpected, Second Edition, addresses the importance of being prepared and resilient, offering ideas for CACs to navigate disruptions and shift to alternative plans when necessary. This guide emphasizes the need for organizational resiliency in weathering storms and continuing to serve communities in need by offering practical suggestions to help CACs navigate ongoing and long-lasting disaster consequences.

This guide includes five sections:

  • Section 1: Steps to Develop an Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Section 2: Response Immediately Before, During, and After an Emergency or Natural Disaster
  • Section 3: Response During or After a Critical Incident
  • Section 4: Response During or After Mass Violence
  • Section 5: The Role of Helpers: What Chapters and Regional CACs Can Do to Assist CACs During a Disaster or Emergency

It is possible your CAC or Chapter developed an Emergency Preparedness Plan using the previous guide. The revised guide can be used to review and refresh your plan. This guide has expanded the scope to include additional kinds of disasters and emergency situations, including technological disruptions and mass violence.

Download The Emergency Preparedness and Response Guide for Children’s Advocacy Centers: Planning for the Unexpected