As you may know, the NCA standards require that CACs provide culturally responsive services for all CAC clients throughout the duration of the case. One requirement is that CAC staff are required to participate in DEI training a minimum of eight hours every two years.  

Eight hours in two years isn’t much, but this is an easy way to get a jump on it!  Make sure you save and collect those certificates!


Track your progress toward the Diversity, Equity, and Access Standard with certificates


Diversity, Equity, and Access Standard, Essential Component E. The CAC values Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and requires CAC staff to participate in DEI training a minimum of eight hours every two years.


Looking for ways for yourself or your staff to meet the Diversity, Equity, and Access Standard training requirement? Earlier this year, we offered two DEI-related webinars:

Both webinars now have certificates. If you watch either webinar and complete the feedback survey for it, you can download a certificate to show you have one hour of training on a DEI topic. Save those certificates to track your progress toward eight hours of training over two years. If you watched either webinar previously, before the certificate was added, you can download a certificate now.

Don’t leave training requirements to the last minute! Get started on those eight hours now.


Watch “Creating Welcoming Environments”


Watch “Prevention for Children with Disabilities”