DEI-related trainings
You and your team are probably a diverse group, and I’m sure you serve a diverse range of children and families. DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) training is important and helpful to your work with each other, and your work with children and families.  And don’t forget that it’s needed for NCA accreditation. 

Here’s an announcement from NCA, offering NEW! DEI trainings. 

Last week, we told you we were wrapping up access to a number of recorded trainings on diversity, equity, or inclusion (DEI) related topics. This week, we have a new set of recordings available.

If you’ve attended our annual Leadership Conference in recent years, you’re aware that you get access to the recorded sessions for three months afterwards. To help provide Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) with DEI-related trainings that you can apply toward accreditation training requirements, we’ve gone back to the 2023 conference presenters who focused on DEI topics and obtained permission to allow any National Children’s Alliance (NCA) member and your multidisciplinary team (MDT) partners to watch the recordings for a full year. So between now and early next January, you’ll have access to:

  • Helping Families of Color Talk About Abuse
  • Identifying, Recognizing, and Working With Bias in the Investigative Process of Child Abuse Cases
  • Language Justice in CACs: Supporting Bilingual Clinicians & Families With Limited English Proficiency
  • Please Say Gay! LGBTQIA+ Inclusion at Your CAC

Go to the DEI Resources page on NCA Engage now to access these recordings as well as other webinars on related topics. You do need to be logged in to your NCA Engage account to see all the available recordings. Go to Getting Started on NCA Engage for more information about creating an account.

(Don’t forget – all of NJ’s CACs/MDTs are NCA members, and have access to NCA Engage.  Contact your MDT coordinator or me if you need help getting access.)
Access DEI Trainings