So, what do you know about CFTSI?  
First of all, it stands for “Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention”. 
And it can be a great therapy option for some kids to actually avoid developing PTSD!

Here’s an announcement about NCA’s One in Ten podcast about CFTSI:

Can five to eight sessions of therapy be enough to reduce a child’s symptoms?


One in Ten podcast from National Children's AllianceWe’ve learned so much about the trauma experienced by children who’ve been abused. We know about their clinical symptoms. We know how these affect their functioning at home and at school. And we know about the lifelong impacts of leaving trauma symptoms untreated. We’re grateful that not only child abuse professionals but your average citizen is now aware that victims of child abuse can develop PTSD at rates and severity to those of soldiers who’ve been to war.
But is that cycle of abuse, symptoms, and PTSD development inevitable? Is it possible to interrupt that cycle in such a way that symptoms reduce and PTSD never develops in the first place? CFTSI—the Child and Family Traumatic Stress Intervention—is an evidence-based intervention that can do just that for some kids. In our most recent episode of One in Ten, we speak with Carrie Epstein, co-director of the Yale Center for Traumatic Stress and Recovery and co-developer of CFTSI, about how this brief, early intervention can help reduce symptoms in children and caregivers. Listen now for a look at why this intervention was developed and how we know it works.
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