Podcast about burnout and relationships
 by NJ’s Tony DeVincenzo

Tony DeVincenzo, former Morris County SVU Sergeant and MDT Coordinator, now of the Northeast Regional CAC (NRCAC) does a monthly podcast entitled “Team Talk”.

This month’s topic: 
“The ultimate solution to burnout is not self-care. It’s caring for others and others caring for you.”

There’s no denying that self-care is important. Eating healthy, exercising, and taking vacation days can reduce stress on the body. But it’s human connection and the relationships you have with others that make the difference.

In this month’s episode, Tony speaks with Dr. Heather Forkey and Dr. Jessica Griffin with UMass Chan Medical School about a different approach to address secondary traumatic stress and burnout. During their conversation, they share with us the affiliate response. They discuss the evolutionary foundation and strategies for organizations and individuals to reduce secondary traumatic stress and burnout.

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