Our friends in the Massachusetts MDT world are offering Advanced Team Trainings on a variety of topics.

  • Engaging Caregivers for MDTs: Fri 3/17 9am-11am
    • After disclosure of child abuse, nonoffending caregivers
      have a range of reactions and responses from avoidance
      to disbelief. This presentation will review potential
      rationales for such varied responses and outlines
      supports and techniques to align with and respond to
      caregivers, regardless of their initial response.
  • Trauma Informed Supervision for MDTs: Fri 3/31 11am-1pm
    • Trauma-informed supervision is essential for agencies and
      supervisors to create a culture that normalizes and supports
      the impact for staff working with those impacted by trauma.
      Trauma-informed supervision can reduce and prevent
      vicarious trauma and turnover within an agency. While it may
      look different across disciplines, the implementation of
      trauma- informed supervision will provide support, promote
      wellness, and encourage staff to seek support as needed.
  • Awareness & Identification of Youth who have been Trafficked: Fri 5/12 10am-12noon
    • Recognizing and understanding the dynamics of child
      sex trafficking from a single system response to a full
      multidisciplinary team response is crucial. This training
      raises awareness of human trafficking to improve
      identification and referrals to services across
      varied disciplines.
  • MDT Engagement with Youth with Problematic Sexual Behaviors: Tues 5/23 10am-12noon
    • All disciplines play a critical role in addressing the issue of
      problematic sexual behaviors within a Children’s
      Advocacy Center. Participants will learn the initial steps to
      take when concerns arise involving problematic sexual
      behaviors, while engaging children and families in the
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