Dare To Tell: Advanced Dynamics in Child Sexual Abuse Disclosures
Dallas CAC Lecture Series


Dare To Tell: Advanced Dynamics in Child Sexual Abuse Disclosures
Presented By: Jenna Quinn
Understanding the nature and dynamics of child sexual abuse is critical for child protection and law enforcement investigators. Credible accounts of child sexual abuse are constantly questioned because of a failure to understand that delayed disclosure is common for survivors. The nature of child sexual abuse makes disclosure a complex, often life-long, process. It’s remarkable that any survivor will tell at all when you examine the intricate and overlapping barriers to disclosure. Through research and personal testimonies, participants will take an in depth look at the most common factors influencing delayed disclosure, partial disclosure, non-disclosure, and accidental disclosure. Moreover, participants will also address critical components to help alleviate these barriers. 


Wednesday, December 7, 2022
12 PM to 1 PM CST
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Jenna Quinn has pioneered the national child sexual abuse prevention movement since 2004. She is an author, TED speaker, and the namesake of Jenna’s Law. Currently, half the country has adopted legislation reflecting the principals of Jenna’s Law, including federal legislation filed called, “The Jenna Quinn Law.” Jenna benefited from the services of a children’s advocacy center and has worked with over one hundred CAC’s across the country. She’s helped raise fifteen million dollars for organizations fighting child sexual abuse and has worked with over 26 states to implement policies. Jenna’s story has been featured in Glamour Magazine, CBN, CNN, The 700 Club, and our U. S. Senate. Jenna has delivered over 500 presentations, dedicating the past 18 years of her life to preventing abuse.