Another video from the National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC).

This one is only 6-1/2 minutes long! Why not watch it with your MDT?

And the presenter is a retired police chief from New Jersey!  Retired Chief Harry Earle from the Gloucester Township Police Department!*

(*Interesting tidbit for those of you not familiar with the southern part of our fine state – Gloucester Township, and Gloucester City, are not located in Gloucester County, but in Camden County!  Fun fact to share with and fascinate your friends!)

Watch our Critical 3 Video
Trauma and Its Impact on Youth
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Protecting our youth is a fundamental goal for those who work in the criminal justice system or in social services. What steps can you take to help limit the trauma our youth potentially face? Consider three ways to help improve your role as a trauma-informed provider.
Our Presenter
Harry Earle
Chief of Police,
Gloucester Township Police Department, New Jersey (Retired)
Throughout Chief Earle’s career, he has implemented community and problem-solving policing models with a focus on crime prevention and community wellness by addressing social disorder with a focus on at-risk youth and vulnerable populations. 
This short video is a great resource for anyone involved in child abuse work!  Why not watch it at your next MDT case review meeting?  It’s only 6-1/2 minutes long!